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Loïc Floch aka Fenx is a visual artist born and raised in Paris, France in the mid-70s. His work transcribes both his emotional, cultural and iconographic, often taken from the emerging subcultures in which he took part such as graffiti or skateboarding.
He questions the viewer on his favorite themes: the relationship between society and women, the trinity birth, death and rebirth as well as the part of childhood that remains in each of us.
Advocating the discourse allied with the return of the “beautiful”, Fenx applies to a precise work in which he tries to eliminate any visual superfluity thus allowing the eye to retranscribe unconsciously the absent elements. From the first glance one can easily recognize his work even if he expresses himself in different styles, each keeping a link with the other both in the graphics and in the use of significant colors.
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Selected shows:
.Solo show,My american Dream, Walworks Gallery, New york USA
.Solo show,Ring My Belle, Montresso* Foundation, Marrakech, Morocco
.De la Calle al Museo, Museo de Bellas Artes de Murcia, Murcia, Spain
.The great graffiti, K museum of contemporary art, Seoul, Korea
.Solo show, Color me blind, Galerie Rive Gauche, Marcel Strouk, Paris, France
.Solo show, Smoke on the wild side, Cox gallery, Bordeaux, France
.Lima Biennal, Lima, Perou
.Off the wall, National Museum of Indonesia, Jakarta Indonesia
.Pressionism graffiti Masterpieces, The Singapore pinacotheque, Singapore
.Contempory art today, Tj Art walk, Oslo, Norway
.Artistes en transition, National Museum of Sochaux, Sochaux, France
.Lettres de noblesse, Palais de Tokyo Museum Paris, France
.I love America, Espace Cardin, Paris, France
.Tag au Grand Palais, Grand Palais, Paris, France
.Street Heart, Palais de Chaillot, Paris, France